Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Is that terrible being Single?

I recently spoke with an older single woman that was very depressed about her current social status - single. I listened as she began to share her heart on the lack of good men and her past relationships that did not work out. I listened and I understood where she was coming from but I had difficulties in identifying with her grief of being-single. Also I know there good men, good men regardless of color, there are good men. Believe me I don't always want to come home to an empty house but there are days when I am grateful that I do. I began to listen and question myself as she spoke this beautiful single woman recently purchased a very impressive 2 story house in a terrific neighborhood. She has completed her house in a way that images Better Homes and Gardens and I thought would you have enjoyed this process better if you could share it would someone or would you be grateful that Jesus allowed you the opportunity to complete a task such as this on your own. I began to think are we just- chicken. I want a great relationship but I will not moan or be depressed about not having the relationship of my dreams. Of course you will have those days but it can't become a habit if I desire to  be a healthy person for myself and to the individual that I will eventually meet. I will not accept anyone for companionship male or female just to suit my needs, from a sister that has done that before simply, it don't work. Instead I would rather get busy and explore the world, and yes I would like to explore the world with a companion but what if he does not desire to, what if he has already traveled the world and now desires to have a steady life. So instead of asking for someone to join me on my journey, I know ask God show me my journey and the people that I will meet along the way. So at the end of this conversation I replied let's cook it is a great way to relax and it can teach you how not to eat, drink or do anything else out of emotions.

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